The TuiCam Timber Flow Control System is a leading technology solution to controlling wood flow in a sawmill and can dramatically increase production compared to traditional photo eye-based systems.

Our latest development of the TuiCam utilises a 3D sensor which isn’t influenced by changes in light, making it more robust than the traditional vision solution.

It provides a continuous sensing area monitored by a camera from above, rather than the traditional single point photo cells. Any number of single sensing points can be implemented across the area, as well as measurements of the amount of wood at various points in the area. This allows flow to be controlled much more simply and tightly than traditional technology.


  • The TuiCam3D can work in high light pollution environments.
  • Lug chain feeder backlogs on trimmers, bin sorters, stackers, planers etc.
  • Board edger flitch sequencing decks.
  • Gang edger cant sequencing decks.
  • Product buffering systems.
  • Any other uses where multiple photo eyes would otherwise be used to track timber.

The benefits

  • Improves on similar systems by using continuous reflective sensing, rather than simple presence detection.
  • A user interface run on a PC allows operators to easily diagnose issues.
  • Improves flow compared to photo eye-based systems, meaning less board skew and double-up problems.
  • Remote support by online connection to the sensor for diagnostics.
  • Sensor is mounted out of harm’s way, well above the machine.
  • A single sensor replaces multiple photo eyes.
  • Virtual sensors mean relatively low additional cost to add further functionality to the machine.
  • Off-the-shelf components.