If your business is experiencing machine breakdowns, lost productivity, bottlenecks or missed targets, then production monitoring can help.

Tui Technology has developed a high-resolution, cost-effective monitoring system where data from multiple sources (typically PLCs) is automatically entered into a database. From there, information from the production process can be extracted via web or Excel reports, or displayed to production staff.

Traditional systems capture data with time periods of between 500 milliseconds to one second. Tui’s production monitoring system works on a change of state method and therefore can capture changes in one PLC scan cycle – as fast as three milliseconds.


  • Measure and report on production vs target rates: This allows you to monitor the output and effect of changes. It can be used to inform operators of their production status so they can take ownership of output.
  • Record and report on small downtime periods: Captures small stoppages which aren’t viable to record in traditional downtime systems. Many of these small stoppages can account for a significant amount of production loss and therefore are important to log without putting extra burden on operators.
  • Record machine speeds, gaps and machine cycles.
  • Preventative maintenance records: Record equipment run times and cycles to help predict component failures.
  • Record events and alarms: Adding event and alarm tracking from control systems can assist with identifying programme bugs and/or transmitter failures.

The benefits

  • Superior, high-resolution data capturing.
  • Improved plant efficiency due to accurate monitoring of production data and downtime.
  • Improved change control due to monitoring the effects.
  • Efficiencies of people are improved by recording output by operator and shift. This clearly displays expected targets vs actual output.
  • Preventative maintenance control.
  • Remote access to production data via smartphone or web browser.