The Tui Technology sorting solution provides a fast, simple and flexible way for product sorting to be configured and controlled. No bin sorter? No problem. Our software can also be configured with virtual bins to provide tallies for your round table.

Products are characterised by the user with dimension; width, length, shape, grade. Sorts are then defined on what products and how many are to be sorted into each location or bin. When bins are emptied, the information is then sent through to the inventory management system for further processing.

The benefits

  • Sorting decisions are made by the computer rather than the programmable logic controller (PLC), allowing speed and flexibility.
  • Scrolling view of the products downstream for visual verification.
  • User can freely define products in the system.
  • Sorting allows multiple products to be allocated to a bin e.g. single lengths and length combinations.
  • Manual override of bin status.
  • Manual allocation of sorts to bins, allowing changes mid-production.
  • Drives packet ticket printers.
  • Full processing diagnostics with the ability to go back in history to look at sorting decisions.
  • Zone-based sorting which allows products to be forced to one end of the sorter or the other e.g. highest volume products closest to the stacker.
  • Annual updates when signed up to a support contract.
  • Customised interface to inventory management systems, e.g. Timbersmart, SAP or customised specific implementations.
  • Production reporting by shift, with reporting available by length, product or sort. Customised reports are also available.