We supply and support printing solutions by Inc.Jet for industrial applications.

Our printing systems can be integrated into your existing plant to print directly onto products during production. Specific piece information, company logos, diagnostic information, construction standards or simple time and date stamps are common solutions companies need printed.

The printer system is made up of a Jet Engine (the smarts), ink system and pens. The ink system can be made up of a bulk tank or a single cartridge. The pens use standard HP inkjet cartridges or specialised ink, if required.

When non-specific information is required for batch runs, eg printing construction standards or company logos, a PC-based solution is best. When there is more specific piece information which a control system may retain, it makes sense to integrate the printer with a PLC.


  • Printing direct onto a product.
  • Product identification information
  • Logos
  • Timestamps or use by dates
  • Construction standards
  • Batch printing or piece specific data

The benefits

  • High quality text and logos are possible in colour.
  • High speed to 300m/min and beyond.
  • Any information available on the PLC can be printed.
  • Barcoding is available in both 1 and 2 dimensions.
  • Remote support by online connection to the print controller for diagnostics.
  • Serial and ethernet interfaces available for simple integration to the PLC.
  • A range of inks have been tested for different post processing, treatment, drying processes etc.