When your product needs inspection for quality control, improved operator visualisation or optimal machine handling, Machine Vision can help in many different ways. Industrial smart cameras are loaded with processing capability and are often coupled to Tui Technology's industrial computer software to achieve these goals.

Industrial smart cameras are used from multiple manufacturers including Sick, Cognex, National Instruments and IFM. These smart cameras can directly inspect an area of product or the machine to measure and control the positions and orientations of the objects. This capability can be entirely on the camera, or it can work alongside Tui Technology’s industrial computer software to achieve the particular goal.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) can also be used to train the system resulting in a much faster response from the system.

The benefits

  • Improved factory reliability: the camera can watch for and help fix product handling problems.
  • Quality control can be done on the fly: every piece can be inspected which would be difficult for an operator.
  • Minimise rework by catching problems early.
  • Higher accuracy: giving the operator and control system better “eyes” on the product.
  • Saving images of the product: this visual history can be very useful.
  • Improvement to machine safety:
    • Allows the operator to be removed from the machine while operating.
    • Careful monitoring of the product reduces the need for operator intervention.

Example Applications

  • Printer inspection: to find print legibility problems.
  • Finger Jointer Anti-crash: checking that the product is well aligned before cutting.
  • Product double-up detection: where product is of varying dimensions.
  • Sawmill cut lines: allows a sawmill operator to choose virtual saw cut lines on a computer screen. This could be on an edger, trimmer or other machines.