To optimise an aspect of production, you first have to measure it. The Tui Downtime system is a perfect product to start understanding where production issues are.

Whether it is a single station or a complete plant with multiple centres, the Tui Downtime system monitors if the machine is in production. When the system detects that the machine is in downtime, a pop-up will be displayed on the operator’s console allowing them to quickly select the relevant area, sub area (optional), cause and reason.

The Tui Downtime system can be interlocked, preventing the machine from entering production again until the operator has made a selection.

Web reports allow quick and easy access to analyse where the day’s, week’s or month’s downtime has occurred.

The benefits

  • Simple installation. The system can even be installed on an older machine with no control system.
  • Capture when product isn’t moving, not just that the machine has stopped.
  • Multiple downtime triggers can be programmed.
  • Improved plant efficiency by accurate monitoring and recording of downtime.
  • Use downtime data to focus on the most important issues that cause the most downtime. Detailed Pareto reports drill down to show specific issues.
  • No PLC programming required.
  • User configurable.
  • Downtime data stored in SQL server database.
  • Downtime web reports can be exported to Excel or PDF.
  • One install can cover multiple machine centres or your company can have optional multiple installs for more detailed information.
  • A simple operator user interface runs on either a touchpad or PC.