Tui Knowledge Base & Experience

Tui Technology are a team of highly experienced engineering professionals.  Check out some of the experience we can deliver to you:

Complete Sawmill Controls from Green Mill to Dry Mill

  • Scanning and Optimisation
  • Setworks
  • Board Handling
  • Stackers
  • Bin Sorters
  • Planers
  • Stress Graders

Machine Tool Retrofits:-Milling Machines, Lathes

  • Complete Control Upgrades
  • Mechanical Improvements

Control Systems for Special Purpose Machines:-

  • Leaf Spring Forming Machine
  • Coil Spring Coiling Machine
  • Bar Peeling Machine
  • Spiral Pipe Welding Machines
  • Seam Tracking for Welding
  • Presses and Punches
  • Flying Saws/Shears

Boiler Controls

  • Controls on Boilers
  • Maintenance of Boilers

Co Generation

  • Steam Turbine Commissioning

Automated Overhead Cranes

  • Control Systems for Overhead Cranes

Printing Press Drives

  • Control Systems for Printing Press Drives

Veneer Peeling

  • Spindle, Knife and Deck Control System

Packaging Machines

  • Control Systems for Packaging Machines